Genuine Cipher Wheel Spy Decoder Educational Historical Replica to Encrypt and Decode Secret Messages and Passwords for a Detective or Spy

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Manufacturer Description

Have you ever tried to send a message that was intercepted by someone and you were horrified that they discovered your secret? Does your sibling spy on you and look through your room when you're not around? Does your manager look through email messages that you send to other co-workers? Are you fascinated by intrigue, adventure or history? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then the secret decoder cypher wheel is for you! The wheel cypher secret decoder tool is an educational and learning resource for encryption and detective spy games for kids and adults alike. Ciphers provide the ability to keep your messages private because they rearrange letters or use substitutes to disguise your message. Ciphers have a proven track record and have been used by governments, military, businesses and organizations for hundreds of years. Ciphers support learning in mathematics and history. Using a cipher to encrypt a message is safer than sending a plaintext message. The cypher wheel offers an effective solution for fun and entertainment for people of all ages. -increase the security of your messages in a fun and educational fashion -help maintain the secrecy of messages that contain your most important secrets -prevent unwanted eyes from discovering your secret even if the message itself is discovered -provides an educational glimpse into real tools used for more than a century to help protect the freedom of our nation To use, the sender rotates the disks on their device to spell out the message being sent in plaintext; for example, "MEET ME AT NOON". The sender then chooses another row of letters and sends these letters as the encoded or cipher text message. In this example, "ZHRCGWXXVTMF". The recipient rotates the disks on their wheel to spell out the cipher text message and then looks for a row of plaintext which is the now unencoded message. Encrypting is better enabled when multiple units are in use. Buy a cypher wheel for yourself or give as a gift.

Product Features

HISTORICAL REPLICA Secret Decoder Cypher Wheel is similar to the Jefferson disc or wheel cypher that Thomas Jefferson named in 1795. He developed this ingenious method to encode and decode messages for national security while serving as George Washington's Secretary of State. EDUCATIONAL AND HISTORICAL TOY ALLOWS FOR FUN LEARNING for you and your kids and family about codes and cyphers with a hands-on approach. Makes a great educational gift for everyone and can be used indoors or outdoors. FUN SPY AND DETECTIVE TOY PROVIDES hours of enjoyment for boys, girls, kids, children, men, women, as well as adults to create, send and decrypt secret messages electronically or on paper. Send private messages at work via email. Send messages to friends and keep them secret from brothers and sisters. Tons of fun and entertainment! GREAT FOR GAMES at the next birthday party, or children's get together and everyone in the family at home, office or for party time anytime. Create a scavenger hunt with clues that must be decoded. Buy multiple cypher wheels for each team or person so that each can encrypt and decrypt the messages. NO BATTERIES OR POWER NEEDED. This wooden educational game toy needs no batteries and works by spinning the wheels to line up a secret message on one row and then choosing another row as the encoded message.

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