Overcome Fear And Anxiety With Exclusive Brain Training Exercises To Boost Brain Power The Brain Boost X Blueprint DVD & Audio CD Kit With Metal & Wood Brain Puzzles Is A Perfect Self Improvement Gift

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Manufacturer Description

Can you imagine for a minute, what your life would be like if you improved your sight, hearing, concentration and ability to pay closer attention? How about getting things done more effectively in less time, replacing bad habits with success habits and buliding better relationships? All these things can be your daily experiences with the Brain Boost X Blueprint Training and just a mere 5-15 minutes per day!

In the first training dvd, we'll dive into some misconceptions about our brains and some techniques you can use for eliminating the goal-blocking fear based type of thinking practiced by so many. Along with this training, you will discover your greatness and your true ability to direct your destiny into the life you've always imagined it can be.

Your loved ones will rack their brains trying to figure out where you got that extra bit of confidence in your step, or that radient glow that's impossible to go unnoticed! Your spouse or significant other will be wondering where your burst of positive energy is stemming from but he/she will be enjoying and cherishing every new moment along with you.

Drastically improve all of your senses and consistently increase your mental powers with this proven brain workout practiced by some of the world's most well known figures. You don't have to allow shyness to derail your happiness any longer, or lack of attention to miss over opportunities of a lifetime. You deserve the best life has to offer and by purchasing the Brain Boost X Blueprint, you are taking a giant leap in the right direction!

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Product Features

IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY WITH THIS ALL-IN-ONE EXCLUSIVE HOME EDUCATION KIT IN JUST A FEW SHORT MINUTES PER DAY. This exclusive self improvement kit includes 1 DVD, 1 Audio CD, 1 metal brain puzzle and 1 wooden brain teaser. Forgetful? The embarrasment and guilt you've experienced after forgetting an important date involving loved ones can finally come to an end starting today. Inside the Brain Boost X Blueprint Training, you'll begin to improve your memory once and for all. SHARPEN YOUR MIND TO THINK FASTER BY INCREASING THE POWER OF YOUR FIVE SENSES. With so much emphasis placed on exercising the body, we usually forget about exercising our mind. As a result, you're not as sharp as you could be, allowing yourself to slip further down to the point of no return. With theses secret techniques, you can experience a healthy natural approach to increasing your awareness. METAL BRAIN TEASER PUZZLES NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS. You will without a doubt boost your mental stamina and become a master at solving fearfully scary problems by practicing daily with this metal brain puzzle. WOODEN LOGIC PUZZLE TO BUILD MENTAL PERFORMANCE FOR A FUN CHALLENGING TIME WITH FRIENDS. Discover your ability to figure out tough complex issues and problems with mind-bending wooden puzzles. This puzzle will test your mental skills. LEARN TO PAY CLOSER ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Usually, you can find yourself overlooking important details, missing the mark and dropping the ball. As soon as you begin to come up with a way to solve the puzzles, you will be increasing your mental clarity and building mental discipline.

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