Petz Wild Animals Tigerz - Nintendo DS

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Manufacturer Description

Ubisofts Petz line of games allows young players to create and care for cute, furry pets chosen from many different breeds of dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, and dolphins. Players can take their pets everywhere within the virtual environment, from inside the house to outside, walking around the neighborhood or visiting friends. The Petz games are designed to entertain and engage players but are also a great way for young players to learn and take care of their own pet. Ubisofts Petz series has already won over a huge audience: oMore than 3.5 million units have been sold worldwide in fiscal year 200607. oThe Petz series was the number three-selling brand on Nintendo DS in December 2006February 2007. oPetz games have sold more than 1.4 million copies on PC since their introduction. Recognizing the phenomenal growth of the casual gaming market and the current success of the Petz series, Ubisoft will continue to grow the series with additional games as part of the companys long-term vision for casual gaming.

In Petz Wild Animals Tigerz you take on the roles of Enzo & Ana, two apprentice animal trainers, who have just received two young tigers belonging to an endangered species from their grandfather. In order to take care of them, you will need to earn money while saving the family training agency from bankruptcy. As an apprentice trainer you will have to help trainers who have problems with their star animals all over the world. You will thus face some crazy situations and help them find solutions to perform! But be careful some of the people you will met may use bad training methods with their animals or do their best to close down your agency. Will you succeed in becoming good trainer? Will you create your own show with your tigers and make them symbols for the endangered species protection? The future of these Tigerz is up to you.


    • Care
    • Develop an unbreakable bond with two baby tigers as you feed, clean, play and even cuddle with them.
    • What's your tiger's favorite food? Find out what makes them the happiest and you'll be rewarded.
    • Better brushes and toys lead to happier animals, which help them when it comes time to perform for an audience.
    • Training
    • Please the crowds in dazzling shows and use the money you earn to buy food, brushes and toys to better care for your tigers.
    • Gain experience as a trainer and tour the world to help train all kinds of animals, including tigers, bears, elephants and dogs.
    • Keep distractions to a minimum -- help your animals focus on their tricks for crowd-pleasing performances.

Product Features

Bond with your two tigers from cub to adulthood as you learn to feed and care for them. Travel the world as a professional animal trainer working with all kinds of animals. Keep your big cats focused as you hit the circuit to perform dazzling shows in front of cheering crowds. With Experience upgrade Ana and Enzo’s skills in training and with the money you win, buy foods, brushes or toys to take better care of your tigers. Create your own endangered animal reserve.

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