STAR INDIA CRAFT Handmade Rosewood Secret Enigma Puzzle Box with Hidden/Secret Compartment by, Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle Box - A Perfect Puzzle Box to gift your loved ones


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Handmade Rosewood Secret Enigma Puzzle Box with Hidden/Secret Compartment by STAR INDIA CRAFT, Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle Box - A Perfect Puzzle Box to gift your loved ones

Benefits :-
Problem Solving: one of the top benefits of puzzles for children is problem solving. There is a clear problem, the puzzle is in pieces, and it needs to be solved; put together. Unlike many other situations children face, puzzles are different - there is only one solution. As I mentioned above, I think it is very important for wee ones to be exposed to many, many experiences. Problem solving with only one possible solution is a very worthwhile, and meaningful, experience for wee ones.
Fine Motor Skills: Another great benefit of puzzles is helping to develop fine motor skills. Wee ones need to use a pincer grip to pick up the puzzle pieces and work carefully to fit the jigsaw puzzle pieces together.
Confidence Building: The very first time a child finishes a challenging puzzle all on their own is such a wonderful thing for their self-confidence. Of all of the benefits of puzzles, this one has to be my most important. I still remember the look on Madeline's face when she finished her first puzzle.
Attention: Focusing on a puzzle is a wonderful way to build a child's attention. They need to focus on details, colours, themes, and sizes. My Sammy talks to himself while "playing" puzzles - and it is very directive talk - quiet and focused. He is clearly paying very close attention to what he is doing.

Features :-

Product Features

Handmade Wooden Secret Enigma Puzzle Box for Kids is handcrafted by STAR INDIA CRAFT's Skilled Craftsmen,This Beautiful Brain Teaser Puzzle Box measures 6 x 3 x 2.75 inches When Children attempt to place a puzzle piece in it's place it will only fit if it is placed properly in the right space. The act of manipulating each piece, turning it and testing the fit, is the way children learn to problem solve and develop critical thinking. BENEFITS FOR KIDS/ADULTS - Puzzles teach children several basic math concepts as well. While working with a puzzle children learn to categorize and organize pieces while doing that they are able to classify and label the pieces as well Rosewood Secret Enigma Puzzle Box with Secret/hidden Compartment improves FINE MOTOR ABILITY IN CHILDREN :- Puzzles offer a fun way to develop fine motor ability. Children need to develop strength in the muscles in their fingers so that they can grasp things and hold onto them. This will later give them the ability to hold a pencil SPUR IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY - Playing with puzzles encourages imagination and creativity. wooden puzzles like the ones offered by STAR INDIA CRAFT are an incredible learning tools. I believe that of all the educational toys, wooden puzzles are the most versatile and well rounded learning tool you can purchase for your child because they offer a host of valuable educational benefits that support child development.

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